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pickle gulch classic m1 ©Dan Fong 2019_72dpi.jpg
Photograph shows some of the people at a going away party for a friend of the Pickle Gulch Gang who was going to jail on drug charges. Tommy Byrd is sitting wearing a brown hat. Party was somewhere in the mountains around Central City, Colorado.

John Denver©DanFong2011 12 72dpi.jpg
John Denver at KFLM Summit Studios performing a simulcast.

Tommy Bolin 6m2 ©Dan Fong 2019_72dpi.jpg
Portrait of Tommy Bolin taken at Dan Fong's 6th Avenue studios.

barry fleetwoodm1 ©Dan Fong 2019_72dpi.jpg
Barry Fey announcing the next band at a Colorado Sunday concert in Folsom Field, University of Colorado Boulder.

Do it with love marchm2 ©Dan Fong 2020_72dpi.jpg
This march went from downtown Denver to the Colorado Capital building. Barry Fey took out a full page ad in the newspaper to promote this march and Dan took this picture from Feyline business offices in Denver, Colorado.

Tommydrum m1 ©Dan Fong 2019_72dpi.jpg
Tommy Bolin of Zephry in front of Norlin Library, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1971.

Geitz Romo m1psd ©Dan Fong 2019_72dpi.jpg
Geitz Romo, standing in a marijuana field outside a friend's A-frame near Sunshine Canyon, outside of Boulder.

Dead in color bldrm1_72dpi.jpg
Jerry Garcia, Donna Godchaux and Bob Weir at Folsom Field, University of Colorado Boulder.

Eisenhower Two ©Dan Fong 2020_72dpi.jpg
Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower with Colorado's House Representative Peter Dominick to his right at the former Stapleton Airport.

Stanley Owsley and Steve Parrish_72dpi.jpg
Owsley and Parrish at Folsom Field, University of Colorado Boulder.
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