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MilneCommonplace1919 - Third Album.pdf
Alice F. Milne was a practicing nurse in Scotland, England, Canada, and the United States from 1912-1924. In this album she collected quotes and sketches from her acquaintances.

Cornell - Lucretia Mott.jpg
Image unattributed to a creator.

Handbill which uses census data to argue that, with the exception of Mississippi and South Carolina, women’s suffrage would proportionally decrease the impact of the African American vote.

Handbill advocating the ratification of the 19th Amendment

HIST 1012 Photo.jpg
HIST 1012: Empire, Revolution and Global War: European History Since 1600.

Effie Salthouse Commonplace Book.pdf
Commonplace book of Effie (Florence Emily) Salthouse consisting of illustrations, poems, letters, and literary aphorisms collected from her friends in both England and America.

Harpers Weekly 1911 - Marching on to Suffrage cover - with edit (1).jpg
Front page of the May 20th, 1911 edition of Harper's Weekly, featuring a photograph of a procession down 5th Avenue in New York. Photographer unidentified.

LOC - Harper's Weekly Convention Cropped with Caption.tif
Engraving by JM'N from the June 11, 1859 edition of Harper's Weekly satirizing a women's rights convention.

LOC-Declaration of Sentiments text.jpg

Mary-Wollstonecraft National Portrait Gallery, London.jpg
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