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Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZC4-10322

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HIST 1012: Empire, Revolution and Global War: European History Since 1600.

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"Sixteenth Amendment Convention. The National Woman Suffrage Association will hold its Tenth Annual Washington Convention at Lincoln Hall, 9th and D Sts. Washington, D.C., January 8th and 9th, 1878." Following this headline is a call to action which…

Indenture of Sarah Smith to Daniel Smith for a period of seventeen years and three months to learn the art of spinning. Roxborough township, Pennsylvania.

A page from Nellie Wilcox's diary, dated November 21, 1874, in which she notes her enjoyment of Jane Eyre. 

Nellie Wilcox Diary (1).pdf
The diary of 16-year-old Nellie Wilcox spans January through December 1874 and traces her transition from life on her family’s farm to attendance at the prestigious Morgan School in Clinton, Connecticut.

Frontispiece, creator unidentified
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